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Hi, I’m Sugar May - I love my husband, cake, and sex! You know when you think about bad things all day long and you can’t help it - that’s me! I’ll be cleaning away and all I can do is imagine being tied to a chair and spanked. Oh, isn’t it devious! 




Thank goodness you understand! I know a gagged mouth and bound hands are the kind of thing that makes you happy, too. You know, household goods make the sweetest little toys. I can’t tell you how delightful a kitchen spatula feels against my bare thighs. Just think of all the fun things we could do together! 




My husband is very good to me - and I know you will be too - because I am a good wife. Besides all the cooking and cleaning, I know how to sit, kneel, take orders, and look pretty on a leash - and there are just so many different ways I can show you what a good girl I am. 


Don’t worry, my husband doesn’t mind as long as I’m home by six. You see, a good wife is happy to serve - and I know how much you like that. A happy wife is a happy life, and a happy wife is happiest on her knees. 


PHOTO OF ME TIED, ON MY KNEES- back view, holding a sign that says “Dinner is at 7”)


But Daddy (can I call you Daddy? Or Mommy...I’m not picky), can you help me? It’s just, sometimes, my husband is too busy - and I really need someone to play with. Or, he doesn’t give me any extra allowance and I can’t buy the pretty things I need to make you happy. 


I promise I’ll work really, really hard. 




I know there are lots of wives for you to play with - but I’ll do so much more for you. You can even bring your own little wife - sometimes two wives are better than one!


All you need to do is sit back and relax. You deserve lots of attention, a lovely bit of cake, and a very happy ending. 


Let me do that for you. 


PLAY WITH ME                                           BE GOOD TO ME

PATREON                                                      AMAZON

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