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I'm delighted you're here! Let's make beautiful, sexy, wonderful art together. This guideline is the boring, nitty gritty stuff - do read it, but don't be scared! 

Let me show you what a good wife can do!



  •  Basic pricing starts at $175.00 for one full body character with a simple background. This includes creative consultation, one edit, 3 different backgrounds (vintage, white, and “no background” for printing) and the digital files with full commercial/distribution rights.

  • Additional detailing will cost extra on a case by case basis. This includes more complex backgrounds, animals, extra characters, objects, or multiple versions (black & white/color etc).


  • Please contact Sugar May directly for a fully tailored quote based on your project brief. You can do so via the CONTACT PAGE or at sugarmayisagoodwife (@) gmail . com.  


  • Your project brief will be reviewed and a bespoke quote will be made for you within 3 business days. Your quote will include scheduling options and deadlines. All bookings are first come, first served and will be dealt with in that order.


By commissioning art and purchasing digital image creation from SUGAR MAY, you are agreeing to the following terms:


  • Up front payment is required. Once a quote is generated and agreed upon, you will receive an email invoice and confirmation. Your commission will be on the books and guaranteed by our service agreement once the payment has been made and received.   


  • We accept payment on various different platforms, including STRIPE. Alternatives can be discussed and a mutually beneficial arrangement will be made. A “Service for Service” trade may also be negotiated, if appropriate for both parties. By purchasing a commission, you are agreeing to the Sugar May terms of service.


  • Once your commission is on the books, you can send visual reference for creative consultation. This includes pictures, sketches (stick figures are fine!), and concept ideas. This will need to be sent promptly, according to the deadline we have agreed upon. You will also need to specify what kind of file type you need (JPEG, PNG, TIFF, CMYK). 


  • Commission turnaround is generally 1 - 2 weeks. This may vary slightly depending upon complexity of the project and other bookings.  


  • Once complete, you will have the opportunity to review the commission, and make revisions in one editing session. After this, additional details or changes will be chargeable. 


  • When you are happy with the commission, digital files will be sent via email, Google Drive or WeTransfer.   


  • Regarding social media use, your commission will not be shared  on any social media platform without your permission. The piece may be used privately, in Sugar May’s personal portfolio. Your rights will be reserved and never distributed or publicly shared without permission. 


  • Commissions are always signed ‘SM’ and the year date; if you do not wish to have this, please say so. If you do not want a signature on the finished piece, you will need to provide attribution to Sugar May as the original artist of the commissioned image.  Sugar May retains the right to publicly acknowledge that she is the original artist. 


  • - You will own the full commercial rights to your commission. This allows you to freely use your designs online, resale, merchandising, personal branding, and distribution. Any products you create using the image belong to you, but you must maintain original attribution to Sugar May as creator of the image.


  • -Vector art is not a service provided.


  • - You may have your files sent as JPEG, PNG, TIFF or CMYK (for print) files. This will need to be stipulated at the beginning of the process.  


  • - You have the option to choose from 3 different versions of your file: vintage background, white background ,and “no” background (for printing). There is no additional charge if you want all 3.


If there is anything that falls outside of this explicit outline and terms of service, please send queries directly to Sugar May CONTACT FORM or sugarmayisagoodwife (@) gmail . com .


Thank you so much for supporting independent artists! That is really very lovely of you.

Let's Work Together

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